this is a silly aside about Dragon Age that you can skip if you do not care about Dragon Age

I have a big post on Dragon Age and social justice coming up, but I have a theory on that game that’s been bugging me and I want to share it with you all in the meantime.

What if the real reason that blood magic tends to lead to demon summoning isn’t because of any evil or moral corruption but just is because of the blood loss? Like, if you just cast some blood spell and you have way less blood in your body and a demon is like “hey, friend, do this thing”, I bet you’d be way more likely to do it, right?

What if the way to prevent mages from losing their shit and summoning a bunch of demons is to make them sit down and eat a fucking granola bar?

They know so little about science that I bet introducing this would be super controversial, and they’d get the kind of shit about how Gardasil is gonna make kids go have sex because it’s slightly safer, except about how giving out granola bars makes people do more blood magic, but the Inquisition could handle that PR battle. Maybe the Templars and Keepers could help pass them out.

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