Monday Rec: Daredevil

I went to see Age of Ultron and it had some really shitty parts and some good parts and I’m really excited about the new Avengers team and whatever, I’m not gonna tell you to go see it because if it’s your thing, you’re gonna see it, and if not, you’ll do fine to wait for the dollar theatre.

I’m gonna tell you to go on over to Netflix and watch Daredevil, because it is incredibly well put-together and because it is about emotional intimacy between men who cry sometimes and when they do, they really go full-out ugly crying, with their faces all scrunched up, and that’s refreshing as hell.

Okay, so I know that comparing any show to Teen Wolf and saying “this is better” is a pretty low bar, but there’s something that Teen Wolf did that I thought was total bullshit but Daredevil completely pulled off. In Teen Wolf, the werewolf characters are constantly using their superhuman hearing powers to listen to heartbeats and then tell people that they’re lying, and I 100% did not buy it when they did that. In Daredevil, they just let you listen to the heartbeats themselves and let you draw your own conclusion, and it feels totally different. The whole show is like that: they have to be showing what it is that the protagonist is focusing on, because he’s blind with enhanced other senses, and they do it really well. There are scenes where they slowly focus on a single object, or where they “zoom in” on a certain sound, pulling it out of a chaos of noise, and all of it manages to pull you into the character’s perspective really well.

It’s still a superhero show, but the simple “there are enhanced senses” thing is pretty much Daredevil’s entire gimmick; it’s frankly a lot more about organized crime and corruption than about anything related to superpowers; the main villain is just a regular human being who happens to run the mob. And while there are nods to the rest of the Marvelverse, this is as far from the crossover-heavy Agents of SHIELD as you can get while still being in that world; aside from the whole “New York City got pretty fucked up when shit went down in the first Avengers movie”, there’s not much difference between Matt Murdoch’s version of Hell’s Kitchen and ours.

Age of Ultron revealed some pretty exciting stuff that’s going to happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future, and I’m psyched as hell about the new Avengers lineup, but Daredevil is doing some really cool stuff right now. Plus, there’s not a lot of shows that feature one dude beating up lots of other dudes AND ugly-crying with his best friend, so that’s pretty good right there.

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