Make your own @hydratebot: a tutorial for non-coders

So @hydratebot has become pretty popular, and people keep requesting different frequencies of tweets, having themselves @-ed in the tweets, etc, and I’ve been looking for a way to show y’all how easy Cheap Bots Done Quick is so you can set up your own bots. So I’m gonna kill two birds with one stone here and show you how to make your own @hydratebot, which you can modify as you want; just credit @NoraReed in the bot profile.

The first step is creating a new Twitter account. Log into it, then go to Cheap Bots Done Quick and click on the “Sign In With Twitter” button.

a screenshot of the Cheap Bots Done Quick page with an arrow pointing to "sign in with Twitter" and all caps "THAT BUTTON"

You’ll need to authorize the app to post from that account.


You’ll get a big text box. Copy and paste the following into it:

“please”: [
“i command you to”,
“you must”,
“go now and”
“have”: [
“have some”,
“drink some”,
“water”: [
“some water”,
“address”: [
“friend human”,
“human friend”,
“squishy human friend”,
“biological being”,
“my friend”,
“my hu-man friend”,
“physical entity”
“thanks”: [
“thank you”,
“thank you #address#”,
“thanks #address#”,
“thank you from a robot who loves you”
“hydration”: [
“become hydrated”,
“put water into your mouth-hole”,
“consume this \”water\” that humans require to live”,
“drink hydration”,
“put water into your body so that it will function”,
“drink water so you can maintain your physical form”,
“put liquids into your mouth-hole”
“timeto”: [
“it is time to”,
“you must”
“standardorigin”: [
“#please# #have# #water#, #address#!”,
“#address#! #please# #have# #water#. #thanks#.”,
“#address#! #timeto# #hydration#.”,
“#timeto# #hydration#, #thanks#.”,
“#address#, #please# #have# #water#.”
“origin”: [

Now, set it to the frequency you want and click “save”.

a screenshot of the Cheap Bots Done Quick homepage with arrows pointing at "frequency" and "save" and "WOO" written above them

Want it to @ you? Scroll down to the bottom, where it says “origin”. Insert your Twitter handle before #standardorigin#. This is handy if you want it to take advantage of Twitter’s @ notifications.

More Advanced Stuff

If you want to change it in other ways, Tracery’s visual editor is pretty easy to use; just click on “JSON” and copy and paste the code there, then click “JSON” again to get an easy interface:

a screenshot of the Tracery visual editorGalaxyKate has Tracery tutorial if you want to do anything advanced with it.

This particular bot has only a single statement for #origin# so that it’s easy to add handles to it without having to modify every #origin# phrase.

You can also use IFTTT to easily connect your tweets to hundreds of other services.

That’s it! Feel free to contact me on Twitter if you have any questions. If you found this useful, consider buying me a coffee or supporting my Patreon. Thanks! Happy hydration!

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