Selected Twitter Bots

@likeuberbut: terrible ideas for startups
@wigglebunch: excellent things to call your pets
@roboromance: love from a robot
@restartthevoid: please see artist’s statement for more information
@thinkpiecebot: think piece generator (FAQ)
@lady_products: products for ladies
@man_products: products for men
@luxe_products: horrific luxury items
@you_have_died: generates strange deaths; will generate a new one just for you if you @ it
@BotCanCook: terrible cooking tips
@sloganotron: mashes up existing slogans and mottos
@idiom_o_matic: mashes up idioms
@AlignmentBot: generates new DnD alignments
@wrongben: like @big_ben_clock, but wrong
@infinite_bees: bees
@infinite_scream: endless screaming

I also maintain a complete list of my Twitter bots; there are currently more than 60.

Mental health/reminder Twitter bots

@medrobot: hourly reminders to take your medications from a robot who ate the thesaurus
@hydratebot: twice hourly reminders to drink water
@DOTHINGSBOT: hourly all-caps commands to do things, especially for people with executive function disorders (more info)
@check-o-tron: hourly reminders to check in with yourself on your health, mental state, etc
@stretchybot: reminders every 3 hours to do your stretches
@selfcarequeer: basic self-care reminders

Selected essays

Find a way forward: How Dragon Age: Inquisition uses subversion of player expectations to create a visceral storytelling experience: barrl.netMedium
Mages, social justice, and morality in the Dragon Age series:, Medium
“Intimates”, Sexualization and Actual Intimacy:, Medium
Make your own @hydratebot: a tutorial for non-coders:, Medium

Twine games

Walkies Simulator
Selected Interactions With Men, or Patriarchy Simulator 2000, or “I don’t get it, why do you have such a problem with Dan Savage”


Orcwanker: a generator of excellent swears (also on Twitter)
DBT Strategies: randomly generates DBT strategies (more info)

Ongoing work

What Is #GamerGate Currently Ruining: a blog detailing the major exploits of the #GamerGate hate movement, written to be accessible to people who aren’t already keeping track of what they are doing

More info

You can support my work through Patreon and PayPal; I update with new projects and tweet @NoraReed.

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