what I’ve been up to lately

I’ve been writing here less because I’ve mostly been doing work on Twitter and What Is GamerGate Currently Ruining for the past few months. I started the #RooshIsARapist hashtag, which quickly turned into calling on Amazon to remove his books from their store (more info on Roosh from WIGGCR). I wrote a Twitter essay yesterday on Roosh, GamerGate, Men’s Rights “Activism”, Pick-Up Artists and the relationships between them, male entitlement, and rape culture.

In bot news, I made @wigglebunch, which comes up with great things to call your pet, for Pet Jam.

I also put together a page on here for all of my projects, so you can view them in one place, and I’m putting some of my essays that I write here on Medium as well.

an open letter to the dude who honked at me and my friend with his kid in the car

Dear Asshole,

What the fuck is wrong with you, you human piece of garbage? Your kid looked about ten years old and you’re driving around honking at women? We were walking to the Thai restaurant and we literally were on central for less than a quarter of a block and we got honked at twice, once from you and once from some other asshole, and once when we were leaving the restaurant. That’s, like, a 45 second window for you shitheads to engage in street harassment, and you just HAD TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT, didn’t you?

You couldn’t wait to aggressively assert your right to comment on and control women’s bodies until you aren’t teaching this shit to your goddamn child, either. You had to do your best to assert that the next generation turns out to be as infected by rape culture and disrespect of half the human fucking species as you are.

I hope your kid covers your entire house in Legos and rats destroy all of your shoes and you have to walk around on them in the dark. I hope next time someone like you does this to me I remember to carry a rock so I can throw it at you and fuck up your car’s precious paintjob.


Nora Reed